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Kobot 1826 , Ko AutoBot 1826

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Mesaj Sayısı : 207
Cash : 608
Kayıt tarihi : 2010-04-08
Yaş : 28
Nerden : adana
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PostSubject: Kobot 1826 , Ko AutoBot 1826 Fri May 28, 2010 11:57 pm'dan indir - İndirmek İçin Konuya Yorum Yazınız.

[b]'dan indir
- İndirmek İçin Konuya Yorum Yazınız.

Versiyon Değişiklikleri:


- Attempt fix for Vista users
- Support party skills.
- Party healer Heal-Sit Bot. BotType = 2
- TargetNameID changed into array
- Skill check
- Skill Recorder: CTRL + NUM9
- Exit hotkey: SHIFT + ESC
- Fixed pot spam
- Improved attack system. No more 'Casting failed'.
- If Gm is detected, then character will also quit party.
- SmartZ option added for BotType 3.
- Able to assign your own Bot hotkey.
- Attempt fix for 100% CPU usage problem.
- Make healers not to heal, when heal target HP is 0.
- Modified running functions ( not a big deal ).
- Loot lists should have 102 item IDs as limit.
- Smart HP potting
- Self-Heal for Attacker group
- Removed the annoying error popups. It'll just quit now if there's any error.
- Modified Attack and Skill casting functions. Attacks closer monsters now. Read Settings spoiler for other information.
- Modified SelfHeal.
- Attempt another fix on CPU 100% usage.
- 1725-specific automatic game closing.
- Code modified, file size reduced by almost 500KB.
- Party commands added
- Botting experience report once in a minute.
- Melee support.
- Fixed the mana and item check.
- Priests have revive skill.
- Better skill check on startup.
- Fixed counterattacking. Also added party members protection.
- Fixed ranged skills.
- Added some priest options. Mode=2 sit, other values are for standing, no more other modes at the moment.
- Now should definitely disconnect you when Gm is detected.
- 10 + 10 skills.
- Manasave for melee skills.
- New looting, needs to be improved...
- And other modifications... hotkeys, window name, etc.
- Fixed item check for timed skills, when out of item(s).
- Made errors more clear... Added a sort of fix for Error 6.
- 8-player party crash fixed.
- Fixed SelfHeal 1.
- Added SuperArcher support for all weapons. If you use bow or daggers, then set ShiftAttack to 0. If you use slower weapons, then raise the value 0~1000.
- Automatically find Memory settings.
- Ctrl+Left Click - Old-School Wallhack
- Colored console output
- Settings files are named by the name of the .exe
- Loot logging
- Added a little pet support
- Chat spammer, BotType = 10
- Old smart targeting as BotType = 2, current targeting as BotType = 1, Manual as BotType = 0, Healer as BotType = 3
- More commands
- While in party, RunBack = 1 follows the leader. RunBack may be buggy...
- Hotkeys only work in hack or game window
- Renewed offsets and search patterns.
- SHIFT + ESC to exit.
- Fixed healer bot.
- Some error popups for bot closes.
- WallHack as an option in settings now, someone reported it causes TPT.
- Support version 1754.
- Support version 1805.
- Independent Healer bot. Priests can use Malice now. [Healer] Enabled = 1. BotType 3 no longer exists as the result.
- Added SmartPriest option. You don't need to set Heal skill, bot will use various available heal skills on your priest's skilltree. But you do need to set Revive, Cure curse and Cure disease skills. [Healer] SmartPriest = 1.
- Chatter bot now able to spam 20 different messages. [Bot] BotType = 10.
- Ctrl + Num0 (as default) - Toggle Moviemode.
- JewelryLevel option in Loot settings now.
- Fixed inventory slots for auto-potting.
- Fixed re-skill feature.
- Fixed bot crash problem for non-priests.
- Fixed commands. Cmd04-Cmd08 are in party only.
- Fixed auto-sit... I think.
- Fixed some bug with the skills too.
- No more SelfHeal which required to set up HealSkillID. Now there's MinorHeal instead, no need to set a skill.
- New various Escape settings, escape cases are logged into file named 'Log_Events.txt' while botting is enabled.
- A brand new AutoParty feature with the list. Name00-Name31. Botting needs to be enabled.
- Ctrl+Num3 lists your skilltree skills, useful for beginners.
- Ctrl+Num8 follows a selected character until you interrupt with clicking destination away.
- Finally the RepairRoute is added. Action00-Action99.
- BotType is now located in Attacker settings.
- SmartBuffer added to SmartPriest, you now have [Healer] BuffSkillID setting. Set a normal buff there as 112657 (Massiveness). Whenever total HP decreases it will use the skill. Also automatically decides whether to use the given skill or the Undying.
- Added Durability Percentage option - [RepairRoute] DurabilityPct.
- Added "escape" action to RepairRoute, which will use Gate skill on priests and mages.
- [Bot] AutoRepair has been renamed into [RepairRoute] Enabled.
- Fixed normal attack, it's indeed for melee attackers.
- Fixed Healer bot "Using skill 0..." spam.
- Fixed the repair bug. If character was too far from the NPC, it run to the NPC and did not repair.
- Fixed IsDead respawn, now it works - 001.
- Fixed timed skills while route.
- Cleaned the reload settings screen. "Man this swift and minor annoys me."
- Fixed SmartHeal bug. Used skills above your level.
- Fixed Familiar feature, should be working properly now.
- Added items' corresponding skill IDs to the inventory report.
- Added [Bot] SkillCorrection option, which will correct skills for your class.
- Added [TimedSkills] TimeCorrection option, which will set original time for every skill.
- Added new autoloot type, in loot settings [General] Autoloot. If set to 1, then the bot will use new autoloot type, which will run to closest chest and returns to spot if no new lootable chest found. If set to 2, then the bot will use old type.
- Fixed 'You have failed to loot' message in info window.
- Added new [Attacker] BotType = 3, which will only attack selected monsters if any party member is attacking your selected monster. Thus this bot type is party only. It has few bugs as attacking previously attacked monsters and as there is no counterattacking yet.
- Added [Attacker] MinorPct for the whiners. So if it is 50, then your rogue will use Minor Heal, when it has less than half of the total HP.
- Added [General] StackLimit into loot settings, which will loot stackable items up to given limit. However if you are in a party, then it has not much use.
- Fixed 'You have failed to loot' message if there was no selected items in a chest.
- Extended Escape bits. Bits order now: Play Sound | Close Bot | Disconnect Game | Quit Party | Run Back To Spot (to where you activated bot last time) | Go Town.
- Ctrl+Num1 to toggle hair, lol...
- Fixed loot problem, RunForCoins confusion.
- Added Auto-Hide for rogues if IsThreat = 000000.
- Added [TimedSkills] PartySupport= 1. Set to 0 if you don't want to cast skills on party members.
- Modified SmartPriest, removed [Healer] BuffSkill, it'll get one automatically. On HP change will cast it with an AC buff. If using SmartPriest, then there's no need to assign any skill in Healer section.
- Fixed loot nonsense spam.. if there was any. You could have seen it, when inventory was full.
- Added disconnection alarm.
- Added RepairRoute choice into Escape bits:
RepairRoute | Play Sound | Close Bot | Disconnect Game | Quit Party | Run Back To Spot (to where you activated bot last time) | Go Town
- Extended item report (Ctrl+Num6). Now when store or storage is open will print all items in them.
- Added elementary shop Action in RepairRoute.
- Fixed flying skill casting.
- Fixed party priest check.
- Added far healing. [Healer] RemotePriest
- Moved [Healer] Sit option under [Bot] section.
- Modified loot settings - Included/Excluded list.
- Added [Commands] Cmd09. Reports your location into party and clan chat. Just so your clannies could know where you are botting.
- Added [Common] WeaponDefense into Loot settings. However not sure how often is such thing being dropped... if anything at all. Probably some shields sometimes.
- AutoLoot = 2 does not exist anymore, values 0 and 1. Now RunToChest toggles this difference, values 0 and 1.
- If character dies, then now it will stop trying to attack a target.
- Removed [Healer] RemotePriest since it's patched, and so probably fixed the healing bug, when party members were out of range.
- Moved DurabilityPct and StackLimit options to [Bot] section.
- Added [Escape] IfStacked. If any item reaches StackLimit, then this escape event is handled.
- Added [Escape] IfStuffed and [Bot] ExcludedSlots. If inventory gets full, then this escape event is handled. ExcludedSlots sets how many slots from inventory beginning should be excluded if checking stacks.
- Added [Escape] IfRepair. If any equipped gear reaches DurabilityPct limit, then this escape event is handled. So [RepairRoute] Enabled does NOT exist anymore.
- Extended Escape bits with Escape skill, that priests and mages own.
Escape Skill | RepairRoute | Play Sound | Close Bot | Disconnect Game | Quit Party | Run Back To Spot (to where you activated bot last time) | Go Town
- Fixed healer bug about not healing itself.
- Updated for 1820. Targeting by Name/Look works again.
- Updated for 1823.
- Now Disconnect bit will close the game also.

Orjinal Kontroller :


Run the hack while your character has already been loaded. When hack got an handle on KO, then it will stay open, otherwise it closes. In the beginning you'll be seeing only one line in the console. Don't worry, here are all the hotkeys...
- CTRL + NUM0 (key10 + key00) - Toggle moviemode.
- CTRL + NUM1 (key10 + key01) - Toggle hair.
- CTRL + NUM2 (key10 + key02) - Toggle Nation. Maybe you find use for it.
- CTRL + NUM3 (key10 + key03) - Print skilltree skills.
- CTRL + NUM4 (key10 + key04) - Print your character's and your party members' IDs.
- CTRL + NUM5 (key10 + key05) - Print target info
- CTRL + NUM6 (key10 + key06) - Print your inventory info. Good for finding out Item IDs.
- CTRL + NUM7 (key10 + key07) - Toggles the stack'ability of the item in the last slot of your inventory. Make multiple stacks of something.
- CTRL + NUM8 (key10 + key08) - Follow target.
- CTRL + NUM9 (key10 + key09) - Reskill.
- CTRL + NUM+ (key10 + key12) - Reload Settings file.
- NUM* (key13) - Toggle Bot
([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

- SHIFT + ESC - Exit hack
- CONTEXT - Open main settings
- INSERT - Quick target info

Skill Idlerini nerden bulcam?

- Skill Idler 6 basamaklidir: A BB C DD

A – Nation
1 – Karus
2 – El Morad
BB – Class
05 – Normal Warrior
06 – Masterli Warrior
07 – Normal Rogue
08 – Masterli Rogue
09 – Normal Mage
10 – Masterli Mage
11 – Normal Priest
12 – Masterli Priest
C – Skill Sayfasi
0 – Basic Sayfasi
5 – Ilk Sayfa
6 – Ikinci Sayfa
7 – Üçüncü Sayfa
8 – Master Sayfasi
DD – Skill Level
ÖRNEK OLARAK : 107552 skill idsi
“Karus + Normal Rogue + Ilk Sayfa + Level 52? skilli. Ve ne olduguna bakarsaniz görüceksiniz CS’dir.

Insanlar beni ayakta duruyormu saniyor?

-Hayir, insanlar sizi normal attack yaptiginizi görüyor.

Düz yürürken neden town atiyor?

- Sizin leveliniz karsidaki yaratigin lwlinde fark var. Onun icin town atiyor

Botu aktif edince birsey olmuyor.

- Ayarlarinizda hata vardir. “Hack Name” kontrol edin. Reload / Reopen yapmayio unutmayin.

Buff Skillerini nereye yazicam?

- TimedSkills’in altina koycaksiniz ve zamanini yazcaksiniz.Önerileren zaman

121 ( 2 DK 1 SN )

“Unable to get process handle” Yazisini nasil fixlicem?

- KOAB’i Admin olarak çalistirin.

Hp pot ile healin arasindaki farkin aciklamasi nedir?`

- Örnek olarak 1200 Hpniz war ve 720 hp pot kullaniyosunuz

SmartPctyi 100 Yaparsaniz, 480 hpniz kalinca pot basar.
SmartPctyi 50 Yaparsaniz, 840 hpniz kalinca pot basar.
SmartPctyi 125 Yaparsaniz, 300 hpniz kalinca pot basar.
LimitPct 60 – 720 Hp kalinca heal yapar.
1500 Buff alirsaniz hpniz 2700 olur ayarlari degistirmeden:
SmartPctyi 100 Yaparsaniz, 1980 de pot basar.
SmartPctyi 50 Yaparsaniz, 2340 da pot basar.
SmartPctyi 125 Yaparsaniz, 1800 de pot basar.
LimitPct 60 yapinca 1620 olunca heal yapmaya baslar.
Sizin icin hangisi en iyiyse onu seciniz.

Emirler nasil calisiyor?

- Komutlari bir islev için kullandiginiz bazi ifadeler vardir.
Örnegin, sizi “add” olarak eklemek. Bu ifade kullanarak kendilerini
ekleyebilirsiniz kisi veya kisiler ekleyebilirsiniz.

Oto Rpr neden calismiyor?

- Yeni patchlerde görüldügü gibi Npcye yakin olmadan rpr yapamiyorsunuz, gelcek patchlerimizde görceksiniz.

Oto loot neden calismiyor?

- Oto loot uzaktan calismaz! Ama canavara gidip kutuyu topliyabilirsiniz ayarlardan.

Ama genede uzaktan yapmayi dusunuyorsaniz Pet buguyla yapabilirsiniz.

RAkibin özelliklerini görme ayarini nerden bulcam?

- Rakibe tiklayip CTRL + NUM5 basin, KOAB ‘da yazicaktir butun bilgileri. Baska yol ise KODB yada KOK .

Pot icin Item Idleri neler?


389011000 – 90 HP pot
389012000 – 180 HP pot
389013000 – 360 HP pot
389014000 – 720 HP pot
389015000 – 1440 HP pot
389016000 – 120 MP pot
389017000 – 240 MP pot
389018000 – 480 MP pot
389019000 – 960 MP pot
389020000 – 1920 MP pot

Bu Botla karsi irka dalabilirmiyim ?

- Hayir ! Bu bot karsi irka kapalidir.

Windows vista ile sorun yasiyorum napayim ?

- UAC’i kapatarak ( msconfig, admin ayarlari veya cmd )

“Skill does not exist” Sorununu neden aliyorum?

- Skill ayarlariniz yanlisdir.Dogru skill id kullandiginiza emin olun.

Örnek : 107552 (karus mastersiz rogue Counter Strike) yada
108552 (karus masterli rogue counter strike)
Yani tamamen karakterinize bagli. büyük bir rol oynuyor calip calismamasinda!

unable to find window named “Knight OnLine Client”? hatasini neden aliyorum?

- Multi Client kullaniyorsaniz durmadan ayarlardaki HackName yi degistirmeniz gerek.

Yada yanlis bellek ayarlariniz var.

Multi client acinca KOAB Cöküyor

- Priest ayarlarinizi kontrol edin. Healer enable 0 yapin priest degilseniz.

Neden bukadar cok dc yiyorum ?

- [Attacker] NormalAttack = 0 and [Bot] AutoRepair = 0 and ThreatLevel = 255

Bu ayarlari yaparsaniz DC’yi biraz daha önleyebilirsiniz.
Oyunun kendi baglanti hatalari oldugunuda gözde bulundurun!


Kobot 1826 , Ko AutoBot 1826

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